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Meet Amy + Ben’s baby girl, Brynn.  She was 6 weeks early and SO cute!  She is just a tiny little thing, which is to be expected beingWhat  that early.  I had such a great day with Amy and Brynn!  What a wonderful new little family!! 

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Amy + Ben

Amy and Ben were troopers! We met up for an early morning session in the wind and snow.  Luckily we did it early because it proceeded to rain throughout the day and there went all the beautiful snow!  I’m fairly certain that I’m one of the very few people out there who is so bummed about not having a real wisconsin winter this year.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for that big snowstorm and it just won’t come!

Funny story….Amy said to me during the session, “what would you do if I went into labor right now!?”  And we just had a little laugh because that would mean she would’ve been about 3 weeks early.  Well was I shocked, when her sister messaged me the next day to tell me that she was in labor!  Now they have a beautiful baby girl who they named Brynn.  And today, I get to photograph that little girl for her newborn session!  What can I say…I love my job!  Congrats you two!! Newborn photos to follow!

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