Cayman Island Getaway

Well the plan was to jet away to beautiful, sunshiny Cayman Islands, take some awesome photos, get a suntan and have fun! The sunshine, not so much.  It was a little more rainy and windy than anything else, but that didn’t stop the fun or detract from the beauty of the Caymans.  It did, however put a halt on the suntan which was a bummer.  We got lucky though with one day of sun and the wedding day only had raindrops here and there.  It was awesome to be immersed in the local culture and get away from the frigid cold here in WI.

We met so many wonderful people and saw things that only exist in a few other places in the world.  Bioluminescence.  This was the one thing I wish I could’ve photographed but just plain couldn’t.  We kayaked at 9 pm into a dark bay and watched as the microscopic creatures who live in the water turned into sparkles.  The water glittered with each row or drag of a hand in the water.  It was truly magical and the only thing I can compare it to is the sparkle of a fairy godmother’s wand in Cinderella.  Cliche, I know but I can’t come up with anything else!

We ventured under the water in a submarine and were able to witness the coral and fish of the Caribbean.   This was all an experience I will never forget.  I’m glad I have the photos to look back on!   Oh, and watch out for that random selfie mixed in.  I couldn’t resist!

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