Everyday Life – Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat!! This year Grant wanted to be a baseball player and Trae was our little monster.  We decided to brave the cold and wind and head out to collect some CANDY!!  Grant ran the entire time and Trae attempted to keep up.  We had a few spills along the way, picked up our candy and moved on to the next house!  Everyone thought Trae was such a cute little girl!! haha They did awesome and I already look forward to this time of year next year!! 2014-10-31_0001 2014-10-31_0002 2014-10-31_0003 2014-10-31_0004 2014-10-31_0005 2014-10-31_0006 2014-10-31_0007 2014-10-31_0008 2014-10-31_0009 2014-10-31_0010 2014-10-31_0011 2014-10-31_0012 2014-10-31_0013 2014-10-31_0014 2014-10-31_0015 2014-10-31_0016 2014-10-31_0017 2014-10-31_0018 2014-10-31_0019 2014-10-31_0020 2014-10-31_0021 2014-10-31_0022 2014-10-31_0023

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