Everyday Life – Friday Evening Walk

These are the type of photos that I cherish. A real life shoot. The real life adventures that I want to remember forever.  I know that maybe a friday evening walk isn’t much of an adventure, but it was the highlight of my weekend.  Spending time with my boys made me so happy.  I want to be able to do this for others as well.  I want to help to tell your story with photos.  A way for you to look back and see what things were like for you at that specific time in your life.  Not a dressed up, posed version of it.  The real thing.  For me, it’s Grant, who is wearing pants that are WAY too small for him because he’s obsessed with them. Didn’t want his photo taken and kept speeding away from me. And Trae who isn’t thrilled with riding in the stroller anymore and wants to try to keep up with his brother by walking after him.  And falling, and falling.  It was me with no makeup on, and Roger on his cell phone part of the time because it was Round 2 of the NFL draft.  For me it was great! A moment in our life.  Photos I’ll look back at when the boys are older and cherish.

2014-05-12_0001 2014-05-12_0002 2014-05-12_0003 2014-05-12_0004 2014-05-12_0005 2014-05-12_0006 2014-05-12_0007 2014-05-12_0008 2014-05-12_0009 2014-05-12_0010 2014-05-12_0011 2014-05-12_0012 2014-05-12_0013 2014-05-12_0014 2014-05-12_0015 2014-05-12_0016 2014-05-12_0017 2014-05-12_0018 2014-05-12_0019 2014-05-12_0020 2014-05-12_0021 2014-05-12_0022 2014-05-12_0023 2014-05-12_0024 2014-05-12_0025 2014-05-12_0026 2014-05-12_0027 2014-05-12_0028 2014-05-12_0029 2014-05-12_0030 2014-05-12_0031 2014-05-12_0032 2014-05-12_0033 2014-05-12_0034 2014-05-12_0035 2014-05-12_0036 2014-05-12_0037 2014-05-12_0038


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