Don + Cathy – At Home Wedding, Green Bay WI

Don and Cathy’s wedding was not one of tradition.  I feel truly honored to have been there to witness the love that they have for one another.  The morning of the wedding was the first snow of the winter.  Cathy told me an incredible story of how they met on an airplane and Don tracked her down after not even knowing her last name.  He lived in Maryland and she in Wisconsin.  Their story is amazing.  2013-12-17_0001 2013-12-17_0002 2013-12-17_0003 2013-12-17_003a 2013-12-17_0004 2013-12-17_0005 2013-12-17_0006 2013-12-17_0007 2013-12-17_0008 2013-12-17_008a 2013-12-17_008b 2013-12-17_0009 2013-12-17_0010 2013-12-17_0012 2013-12-17_0013 2013-12-17_0015 2013-12-17_0016 2013-12-17_0017 2013-12-17_0017a 2013-12-17_0017b 2013-12-17_0018 2013-12-17_0018a 2013-12-17_0019 2013-12-17_0019a 2013-12-17_0019b2013-12-17_0021


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