Everyday Life – My Baby Trae is One

So I’m really not sure how this happened, but all of a sudden my baby Trae is not a baby anymore! He turned one today and to be perfectly honest, I kind of hate it.  He’s growing up too fast on me.  On the other hand though, he’s such a sweet little guy.  Happy all the time and so easy going.  I’m absolutely loving seeing the boy he is becoming.  I am in love.

Right now he’s crawling, pulling himself up on things and beginning to walk while holding on to something.  He eats anything and everything you give him – except applesauce – and he goes to bed happy and wakes up happy.  Here’s the proof! 2013-12-12_0001 2013-12-12_0002 2013-12-12_0003 2013-12-12_0004 2013-12-12_0005 2013-12-12_0006 2013-12-12_0007 2013-12-12_0008 2013-12-12_0009 2013-12-12_0010 2013-12-12_0011 2013-12-12_0012 2013-12-12_0013 2013-12-12_0014 2013-12-12_0015

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